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Freshworks is a set of cloud tools for streamlining company processes - in support, sales, IT, marketing, and HR departments.

Choose the tools for your business

We will help you choose the right tool, and if you need them all, we'll suggest how to connect them with each other easily.

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Our services

Choosing the best solution

We will help you choose the tool that matches your company's specific requirements best and brings the most benefits.

Purchase and implementation

We will explain the licensing rules to you, guide you through the purchase of the tool, implement the selected system in your company, and help you with data migration from existing systems.

Adjusting the tool to your needs

We will adapt the functions of Freshworks systems to the specific needs of your team so that you can make the most of them.


We will show you and your team how to make the most of Freshworks tools.

System maintenance

We monitor, administer, and maintain the systems implemented by us.

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