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Galaxy of DevOps Tools

Let us guide you in the journey through the galaxy of DevOps tools. We’ve been using DevOps tools for over 15 years and completed more than 200 projects. Thanks to years of experience in the area of DevOps tools, services, and practices, we provide your business with complex support. Our experts will help you in choosing, implementing and managing the tool that perfectly fits to the specific needs of your project.



One tool, many possibilities

GitLab supports developers throughout the entire software development process: from coding, through creating pipelines and testing, to deploying the final product. Whether you’re looking for Git repository management, code review, issue tracking, activity streams, or wikis – GitLab has it all.

Complex solution

One tool that provides you with everything you need: Git repository management, code review, issue tracking, activity streams, wikis, continuous integration and delivery. By choosing GitLab, you get a tool that allows you to manage DevOps processes at all stages of software development.

Highly customizable

Thanks to wide possibility of adaptation, GitLab perfectly fits to individual needs of any project, regardless of the size. If the team works on a huge project, the on-premise enterprise version provides them with a complex, scalable environment. Free cloud version fits best with smaller projects.

Quality assurance

Deviniti is one of the two GitLab partners in the world, and has been awarded with the Gitlab Virtuoso certificate. As a team of professionals with practical expertise at the expert level, we provide support in the construction of an optimal environment for individual needs, its optimization, audits of existing instances, and training of technical teams.



Scale your business with Perforce

Perforce is a family of highly scalable products supporting all stages of software development. The main product of the company, the Perforce Helix platform, is the most advanced version control system, oriented on the maximum simplification and acceleration of collaboration between those responsible for software development and IT operations.

Comprehensive support

Perforce tools provide comprehensive support for even the most complex projects and can be used in many different industries, from computer engineering and computer games, through finance, public administration, healthcare to energy, automotive, embedded systems, and many more.

Possibility of integration

As a platform dedicated for CI and CD, Perforce provides the user with wide possibility of integration with other tools supporting those processes. It successfully supports the most complex projects, thanks to built-in plugins, APIs, and SDKs for many programming languages.

Certified partnership

We hold the title of a Perforce Partner as the only company in Poland since 2014! We know Perforce products inside and out, and combine their capabilities in an optimal way. We configure them individually for each client and add our own optimized solutions. We also provide license management, implementation and support under the best conditions.



The security goes first

WhiteSource is a platform for managing the compatibility and security of open source licenses. It eliminates the most significant threats in the software development process that result from the use of outdated or dangerous open source libraries. It's perfect solution for monitoring the versions of the source code components.


Using a number of libraries to create software, automatically generates a report containing information about all of them. The final report consists of transparent tables and charts that allow analyzing the components used in the project efficiently.

Scanning the repository

Just indicate the place in the code repository, and the WhiteSource software scans the repository for the component updates and the compliance of the license terms. Scanning the repository has never been easier.

File System Agent (FSA)

WhiteSource provides you with innovative feature to make sure that your software is safe. The WhiteSource Boot scans the repository locally and checks which libraries were used in the software development process.



A new level of containerization

Docker is a tool for developers and administrators who want to create and run applications in a virtual container environment. It enables users to start application processes without having to emulate the entire hardware layer and operating system. Docker is best suited for fast virtualizations and creating more complex deployment environments.

Modern virtualization

Bring virtualization in your project to a higher level. Docker is a modern replacement for the classic virtualization such as Hyper-V or VMware. Docker’s creators used the so-called containers to enable users to start application processes without having to emulate the entire hardware layer and operating system.

Optimization of processes

Thanks to Docker, your company can use equipment resources more efficiently, save time, and boost efficiency in creating a development environment for every project. Containers work independently in an isolated environment, which increases security. The number of containers running on a single system is unlimited.

Service and Support

We provide your company with support on each stage of applying Docker, including implementation and training to increase the efficiency of your resources. We are happy to share our knowledge and help you in migrating data and customize Docker software to meet the individual needs of your company. You can rely on us when it comes to configuration and maintaining implemented software.